Winchester course last weekend: report back!

Course mentors, Alisha and Catherine, report back on the first ever Winchester course held last weekend: 8-9 August! 

"The first ever Applican course in Winchester is now done! We really enjoyed the weekend and we hope all the students did too - we think they will all make great applicants. 

On Saturday we taught the students about how to choose the perfect combination of four universities for UCAS, how to make their personal statements really stand out from the crowd and also how to interpret healthcare issues in the media. Reading through their personal statements, we were very impressed and hope our tips help will take them to the next level. In the afternoon, we had some eye-opening discussions about a selection of newspaper articles we had prepared and highlighted current key issues the students should look out for in preparation for interviews.

Sunday was all about interview preparation. The day started by giving an overview of what the different types of interview were and what they involved. We then went on to discuss common interview questions and the group came up with some brilliant ideas and answers. We then conducted a mock interview, where we covered more questions to give an idea of the range of questions that can come up. The students also had the opportunity to critique our answers and ask us questions. In the afternoon we gave the students the opportunity to participate in simulated group interviews and had some very stimulating discussions about a variety of ethical issues that crop up commonly in the healthcare setting.  Everyone brought their own unique but equally valid points to the discussion, which highlights how difficult ethical scenarios can be. Finally, we conducted mock MMIs with each of the students. We presented them with a variety of situations they may be faced with and we made it difficult. Everyone did exceptionally well in these and we were very pleased to see an evident improvement in the students’ confidence, knowledge and strategies throughout the course.  Keep up the good work and we hope to see you again as colleagues in the future! Good luck!"

 if you would like more information about bringing an Applican course near you - either to your school or city then please get in touch by emailing We also work with students on their personal statements by guiding them in the APPLICAN MODEL of theme, zig zag and flow. If you think this could be helpful for you then get in touch. 

Such a very exciting weekend for Applican - we can't wait to work with more people in 2015 than ever before.