AS Level Results: happy or unhappy? Either way, you can still do it!

So you have just got your AS results. What should you do now?

Results day is always stressful and there will always be two camps of people - one group will be delighted and one group will wish they had done better. A common misconception is that you must have 4 As at AS level to get into medicine - this is so WRONG. So as you open the  envelope today, remember that these results are not the be all and end all. If you have done well, that is only going to strengthen your application, don't get me wrong! But if you are feeling disappointed, remember the most important point that Applican barks on about, is picking the correct choices for your strengths and avoiding those that focus on your weaknesses. So with Applican's help, you can look at your overall profile and find the universities whose selection criteria would be most likely to select you! 

Yes, a lot of universities do take into account AS levels but there are a significant number that state that 'they put more emphasis on predicted A2 results rather than AS grades'. And others that require 4 As. As we said in our very first blog post and video, research is essential and on our Applican 2 day course we spend time on the first morning looking at every university and how it suits individuals on our courses. 

Furthermore, once you get to the interview stage, some universities even clean the slate! This means that they base their entire selection process on the interview once you reach this stage. So if we can find the universities that focus on GCSEs or UKCAT to get to interview and then they wipe the slate, that could suit you. On the second day of our 2day course we look at all types of interview - from traditional to MMI to ensure you are confident in every aspect. 

At the same time it is really important that you consider the fact that the A2 grade requirements once you receive an offer will nearly always be 3A grades so if you feel from your AS levels that this is unachievable maybe you should consider applying for a biomedical course and thinking about a four year graduate medical course. You see, there are so many options! 

The main point we are trying to get across is that strong AS levels can be a strong point to your application. If you have got 4 A grades, you can apply to universities where this is a preferable aspect to the criteria and your chances of gaining a highly coveted interview are much higher. However, 4A grades are NOT a requirement. Playing to your strengths is essential and if you are unhappy with your results you should put emphasis on your UKCAT preparation and personal statement. 

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