Applican: Bank Holiday Medicine Q&A Clinic

Our Applican team will be ready in Applican HQ to help you with your queries all day on bank holiday Monday!

Our Applican team will be ready in Applican HQ to help you with your queries all day on bank holiday Monday!

Thursday marks GCSE results and last week many of our 2016 Applican students received their A-Level results. We were delighted that 89% of students in our 2016 season received at least one offer for UK medical school.

Receiving results is always a time filled with questions. It can be hard to know what your results mean for your future - which universities you have ruled in, which you have ruled out. For some people, they want to know whether medicine is an option, and what they need to do to increase their chances of a place. Others, want to know how to maximise their strong results and apply to the places that weight their results as highly as possible. Sometimes, knowing the inside track is what you need. At Applican, we can give your realistic advice about how to use your strengths and weaknesses to succeed in the application process. Each year we contact every UK medical school to find out exactly how they select their applicants. Then we sit with your application and ensure that you meet every cut off that they set the previous year. This advice is crucial and is why our success rates are so high.

Therefore on Monday, Applican HQ will be running a Bank Holiday Q&A Clinic. Call our team for any question you have and you can get your answer. What do your results mean? Or if you are kicking off the application process when you go back to school, get in touch for any questions you have about the process!

To register for your consultation, either call 07702246407 or fill in the form below and we will get back in touch with you.

Also, Applican season is just kicking off with spaces still available on some of our courses. To have a look at where our 2 day application & interview prep courses are running, or to book a place on our UKCAT course, then have a look here: . 

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