Fully Booked Edinburgh UKCAT Course: Student Reviews!


On Friday, Applican hosted a fully booked UKCAT course in Edinburgh - here is what the students who attended thought about the course!!

Again, 100% of students thought the course was beneficial for their UKCAT prep
Again, 100% of students would recommend the course to a friend.

I got an overview of the UKCAT, some great tips all in a very nice atmosphere and good pace.
I loved the course and have a much better understanding of how to answer questions quickly within the limits.
We went at a really good pace - easy to understand but moved on quickly!
The course helped me gain more confidence in answering Abstract Reasoning and it is good to be taught some of the UKCAT than teaching yourself.
The course was intense, just like the UKCAT, but Jack was great at keeping us going. Thank you so much Jack for your help!
I really liked the new methods of answering questions to save time - I didn’t know about some of these. I also was made aware of how to avoid the calculator in Quantitative. I loved the treats - saved the day!
Very helpful with some really useful tips!
Techniques and strategies were really helpful - Jack explained each section really well.
I feel so much more confident for going into the exam and I’m planning on reusing the course workbook with the practice questions after.