2018 Applican Student's Average UKCAT Scores


In the second year of Applican’s UKCAT course we adjusted and strengthened the course that we delivered to over 100 students in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. We are very proud that our students excelled in one of the toughest and most competitive scoring years of the UKCAT yet. The data below was collated from those students who completed our survey:

UK 2018 Average: 2485 (621)

Applican 2018 Average: 2653 (663)

The average Applican student scored in the top 30% of those sitting the exam. 

UK Average Student
21% Band 1 SJT, 34% Band 2 SJT

Applican 2018 Average
50% Band 1 SJT, 42% Band 2 SJT

92% of Applican students scored in Band 1 or 2 of the SJT.