2018 Intense UKCAT Course Review Wall


And thats a wrap for our 2018 Intense UKCAT courses! This year we helped over 75 students across Northern Ireland, Scotland and England with their UKCAT preparation. Here is what they thought:

100% of students found the course beneficial for their UKCAT preparation

100% of students would recommend the course to a friend

Much better than Kaplan - up to now my UKCAT answering has been really shocking, I feel a lot better now!
I liked the strategies, especially for decision making as I struggle with that section the most. Thank you!!
I feel a lot more confident about my UKCAT exam after taking this course. I think my technique has improved significantly.
This is a great course! Very structured and a comfortable environment.
It gave me a really good insight into what the UKCAT is like. In particular, the mental maths exercises really increased my speed and were really helpful.
This has helped me a lot with my confidence going into the UKCAT. All so friendly and relaxed too - thank you!
Perfect starting place to begin preparing for the UKCAT and really get your head around each section.
The strategies definitely helped me answer more questions correctly and quickly which was really good as time was my biggest issue with the UKCAT.
I loved the slides and the Applican models for each section. These models were very useful for me formulating my own strategy when approaching questions which now make a lot more sense to me. The quick tips for SJT were great too!
Very helpful! Gained a greater understanding about the UKCAT as a whole as well as every section in depth. Very fun and friendly teaching!
So so much more affordable than Kaplan, but much more helpful!
It really does help. I felt very anxious and worried about the UKCAT prior to the course - I now feel so much better. Thanks Jack!
Useful course that taught me a lot about the timings and how to approach the abstract reasoning which I was struggling with.
Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere - thank you!
I found the course really beneficial for my UKCAT preparation - the strategies I learnt will definitely help with time saving in my exam.
As a new comer to the UKCAT, Jack really helped my confidence level with the strategy for answering questions.
Really beneficial course!! Thank you so much for making the course really relaxed but enough to get intense UKCAT work done.