The Battle of the Century - Social Media & Mental Health

It influences everything we do within modern society. In the back of our minds at all times. It consumes all our time, energy and thoughts. The most destructive weapon and held in your hand. Robbing us of our uniqueness. But more importantly, robbing us of our minds.

This is evident through the recent trends of mental health issues increasing alongside the increase of social media users.

Social media. 2.1 billion users. 3 billion people with access to the internet. With the rapid increase in popularity of social media does it really come as a surprise that suicide numbers have sky rocketed over the past few years?


As seen from these statistics we can begin to understand how quickly the popularity of social media has exploded and with an 80% increase (18-29 years old) in social media users in under 10years. There is an extremely clear trend for every age group and these numbers are projected to continue to increase.

Many people have felt social media to be a burden to their lives in particular their mental health. As the graph below will show since 2005 when social medias rise in popularoty really began there has been a massive increse in suicide rates.


Is this a coincidence? Most likely not. Many people who said they have suffered from mental health illness said social media had a further negative impact on their mental wellbeing.

It's a battle which will not stop. Influencing the future of mental health and everything else around us. It's a silent battle which will influence so many people. Social media will only lead us further down this downward spiral, deeper into the unknown effects of this toxic movement, and further away from our own minds.