Applican - Medical Escape Rooms


Applican - Medical Escape Rooms


Applican Medical Escape Room

Friday 31st May

Exams over and summer on the horizon maybe your focus is shifting to the year ahead. Join Applican co-founder, Jack Henderson, for a morning at the Royal Medical Society at the University of Edinburgh to learn about preparing for medical school interviews with some hands on critical thinking and problem solving group tasks in an escape room styled workshop. Learn about emergency treatment, task prioritisation and critical situation management.

This morning will not be a taxing or stressful post-exam intellectual workout, but instead will be an interactive and fun set of group work tasks.

Here is the plan for the morning!

Welcome and introduction by Applican co-founder, Jack Henderson - laying out the strategies for solving tricky problems and thinking fast in interview and UCAT scenarios.

Three rotations of Escape Room styled group scenarios - work in a team to try and solve these dilemmas!

Room 1 - DISEASE
A strange disease has struck Edinburgh and the new patients are suffering from some bizarre and concerning symptoms at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh isolation unit. Work within your team to find the source of the disease and think about how to treat your patients to limit it’s spread!

You and your team are working the night shift at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh. You have just been called to a deteriorating patient at the other side of the hospital and have 30 minutes to navigate the complicated WGH map to find your patient and work out how to help them when you arrive.

You and your team are all onboard the Air Ambulance and have been called to an emergency on the coast of the Shetland Islands. Work within your team to decipher the broken messages to navigate to the scene and come up with an emergency management plan on the ground when you get there.

Debrief, questions and answers.

A ticket for this morning costs £20 and includes refreshments (if you can solve the scenarios!).
The event is restricted to 30 students and reserved for only S5 students who have recently finished their Higher exams. A full refund can be offered if cancellation is requested 28 days before event running date. No refund can be offered after this date.

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