In a survey taken by Applican students from 2014, 100% would recommend the Applican course to a friend applying to medical school.

I really feel like Applican Scotland made all the difference to me getting my medicine offers! I found myself recalling tips and tricks I had learnt on the course throughout writing my personal statement and preparing for interviews. These helped me to stand out from the crowd with an application that was concise and targeted.
The course was simple but packed with valuable information and at such a decent price! The relaxed environment made me feel at ease and any questions I had were answered effectively both during and after the course. I would recommend Applican to anyone!
— Jennifer, Aberdeen
The Applican courses were brilliant in providing information, tips and advice on applying to medicine that weren’t available anywhere else! It ensured my preparation was focused and made the interviews, personal statement and UKCAT all much less daunting. I gained 4 interviews and 3 offers to medical school in 2018 thanks to Applican!
— Cherry, Aberdeen
I found Applican to be a very useful experience.
It guided me through how to write a personal statement in a way that made me stand out and got me interested in current affairs, which made me go and do my own research.
It was a welcoming and encouraging experience which I would recommend to anyone.
— Kelsie, Bangor
Applican was a good kick start for me to start preparing for interviews! I also learnt a lot about how to make my personal statement memorable. From this I obtained 4 interview invites and 3 offers! Thank you for all of your help!
— Jonathan, Belfast
Applican was a very informative and concise course that helped me to pick the universities that were best for me as well as consolidate everything I wanted to put into my personal statement and figure out a structure for it. The tutors were very friendly and willing to answer any questions I had, and it was also nice to get to know some prospective medical students my own age. I received 3 out of 4 offers and am delighted.
— Hannah, Omagh
A really worthwhile experience. I learnt so much and would never have got as far as I have without applican!
— Shannon, Belfast
I really enjoyed Applican. Gave me lots of instruction for structure of personal statement and answering of questions at interview which helped to boost my confidence. Thank you!
— Sarah, Belfast
The interview process in medicine is something which is underestimated by most applicants, myself included, it really is very competitive and starting preparation early is vital. Applican kick started my preparation and provided me with all of the tools and advice necessary to further my interview preparation independently. Every facet of the interview process is looked at in detail, and it is all done in a relaxed environment which allowed me to build my confidence answering questions whilst also obtaining feedback on where my weaknesses lay in plenty of time to rectify them for interviews in the coming year. I have applican to thank for recently receiving an offer for medicine.
— Ruairi, Fermanagh

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