Regional Practical Days 2019

Edinburgh Monday 18th March 2019


Location: Royal Medical Society, Bristo Square, Edinburgh

6-6:10pm Welcome
6:10-7pm Personal statement
7-7:10pm Break + Snacks
7:10-8pm Ethics and UKCAT flavour
8-9pm Interviews + practical activities (history taking, neurological examinations)

Glasgow - TBC


Location: University of Strathclyde

12pm - 1pm: Entry to medicine, Personal Statements
1pm - 1:45pm: Situational Judgement UKCAT Teaching 1:45pm - 2pm: Quick break and snacks! 
2pm - 3:45pm: First Aid, Anatomy, History taking, Blood pressure, Stethoscope workshops.
3:45 - 4pm: Questions and Answers.